TAKE&AWAY MENU 1. Starters, salsas & suggestions for children 2. Tacos & extra sides 3. Enchiladas, Huaraches, Sincronizadas All our food is freshly made with natural ingredients and traditional recipes. It may happen that only certain dishes are served, based on ingredient availability. All our meals are gluten and lactose free unless otherwise indicated. Hamburger […]

5 May

You are always welcome in our restaurant and we will let you feel at home. You see, inspired by Mexican tables, we serve our specialty Tacos in cast iron pots, to keep your food warm while you assemble your Taco and season it with our homemade salsas with care and with friendliness. This is ideal […]

5 May

Our dishes like Tacos al Pastor, Mole Poblano, Cochinita Pibil and Enchiladas are guaranteed to bring memories back to all who have fallen in love with the Mexican gastronomy, which is “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” according to the UNESCO since 2010.